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Explain how to control the sensitive movements of the robotic arm?


Is the robot arm controlled by the program? How to do it?

Answer: The talents are very sparse, finally I saw the question about robots on the headline today . Yes, this is a topic that does seem to be hot. However, other science technology content is very large, which will arouse the attention of many people. For this kind of question answer, I use what I know, here to chat about.
The robot arm is just a simple branch of an industrial robot device. The manipulator (mechanical body) in the robot consists of the hand, wrist, arm, metal post, auxiliary walking mechanism; it includes up, down, left, right rotation movements.

The "arm" is just an important holding part that supports the grasped object, hand wrist, drives the finger to grasp the object transports it to the designated position according to the predetermined requirements. The arms of industrial manipulators are usually composed of components that drive the movement of the arm (such as hydraulic cylinders, air cylinders, rack pinion mechanisms, connecting rod mechanisms, screw mechanisms, cam mechanisms, etc.) drive sources (such as hydraulic pressure, pneumatic pressure, electric motors, etc.). Realize various movements of the arm. In order to prevent rotation about its axis, the arm needs to have a guide device when it is telescopic lifting, to ensure that the finger moves in the correct direction. In addition, the guide device can also bear the bending moment torsion moment suffered by the arm the moment of inertia generated at the moment of starting braking during the arm's slewing motion, so that the moving part can be easily stressed.

Mechanical arm

The purpose of arm movement is to send the hand to any point within the range of space movement. If you want to change the posture (orientation) of the hand, use the freedom of the wrist to achieve it. Therefore, in general, the arm has three degrees of freedom to meet the basic requirements, that is, the analysis of the arm situation, which bears the static dynamic loads of the wrist, hand, workpiece during work, has more movement complex stress. Therefore, the structure, working range, flexibility, grip size positioning accuracy of the arm directly affect the working performance of the manipulator.

The various movements of the arm are usually realized by a driving mechanism (such as a hydraulic cylinder a pneumatic cylinder) various transmission mechanisms.  the analysis of the force on the arm, it bears the dynamic static loads of the wrist, hand workpiece during work, it has more movement complex stress. Therefore, the structure, working range, flexibility, grip size positioning accuracy of the arm directly affect the working performance of the manipulator.

The figure below shows the composition of the robot.
The structure of the robot is composed of a mechanical body, peripheral auxiliary mechanical devices , a CPU chip processor, sensors (including visual sensors), various drivers input/output systems; a series of actions that they need to complete are completed by the CPU processor, Here it must be completed by a system software program, so without a system software program, it will be a pile of scrap iron.

As for what the questioner said to do so? I just laughed, whimsical, easy to talk about; it involves many aspects, it is simply a fantasy without systematic learning. Designing manufacturing robots is a very complicated system engineering, is the result of a team many auxiliary factories.

In the application field of robots, Japan, the United States, etc. have always been at the forefront of the world. my country is now only a big market for robots in the world; the national strategic needs the needs of enterprise transformation upgrading, there are too few talents in this area. Otherwise, in the "13th Five-Year Plan" planned by the Ministry of Industry Information Technology, by 2020, the density of industrial robots will reach more than 100 robots per 10,000 employees. So now students who choose to major in robotics are a pretty good high-tech major with good employment prospects. It can be said decisively that industrial robots will see the "ceiling" industry in the next ten years.

For robots, I just know the fur. It is recommended that if the questioner is young, go to study study again, in the future to give the country a great deal in robotics, for the benefit of mankind.