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Why can carbon fiber form an indispensable part of a robotic arm?


The data selection of the industrial robot arm structure directly affects theoverall function of the robot . This isthe starting point for the selection of the original dataof the industrial robot ,  it is alsothe starting point of the data selection for the lightweight design improvement of the industrial robot. The basic requirements for the selection of industrial robot materials include: high strength, large elastic modulus, light weight  large damping.  the perspective of industrial robot market competitiveness, the price of the selected materials should be appropriate.

      The above requirements for the selection of materials for industrial robots are an ideal state. In actual situations, some requirements may be opposed to each other, so the selection of materials for lightweight tasks must be selected according to the special circumstances of industrial robots, seeking all aspects of the requirements Balance, choose information.

It is a task that requires comprehensive consideration of various factors to  the data suitable for manufacturing the upper arm of the robot  the dazzling database,  usually needs to consider the following criteria:

Mainly based on the consideration of the use function of industrial robot selection materials. The primary consideration in the selection of data is the use function. The use function of parts includes the physical function, chemical function  mechanical function of the data that the robot should have in the working state. Regarding the parts with different functions of industrial robots, their functions are different.

      Secondly, according to economic considerations.  parts  materials for industrial robotic manipulators ,  on the premise of ensuring the use of robot parts, try to  materials with relatively low prices to ensure that the total cost of the production process of robot parts is low  enhance the competitiveness of robots in the market This is particularly important regarding the mass production of robots,  is always an important criterion for the design of industrial robots .

      In addition, the repair costs during the later use of the robotic arm must also be considered. The integration of various factors makes the comprehensive economic benefits of robots greater.

The materials commonly used in industrial robot structures such as mechanical arms, bases, etc. are steel, cast iron,  aluminum alloys. In order to complete the principles of light weight, strong bearing capacity, large enough working space, improving the dynamic characteristics of the robot,  reducing the motion inertia of the robot, among the new materials that can replace steel, carbon fiber composite materials are exposed with their superior functions. It has become an important direction for the lightweight development of industrial robots.

    At present, many industrial robotic manipulators have significant weight loss requirements.  other perspectives, weight loss is also a very necessary link. The application of carbon fiber composite materials in robotic arm products has significant weight loss effects  maintains excellent functions. Trust With the continuous maturity of carbon fiber technology, the application of carbon fiber in robot arms will become more  more extensive.

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