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What is the effect of the six axes of a six-axis articulated robot?


Cooperative robots mainly refer to three-axis, four-axis, five-axis, six-axis, even seven-axis cooperative robots , each robot differs depending on its usage application field. So let's see what the six axes of a six -axis robot do?

     For example , a six-axis collaborative robot independently developed produced by Shenzhen Huiwen Intelligent Co., Ltd. Take a look at this six-axis robot. Each axis is driven by a joint module. The movement mode direction of each axis are different. The axis joint actually simulates the movement of various joints of the human hand.

      Six-axis schematic diagram of intelligent six-axis collaborative robot

One axis is the base: the one axis connects to the base, which mainly carries the weight of the upper shaft the left right rotation of the base. The left right rotations are driven by the motor reducer built into the joint, each axis replaces a movement Direction, the range of motion of one axis can reach ±360°.

The two axes are the shoulders: the two axes control the function of the robot main arm swinging back forth the entire arm moving up down.

 The three axis is the elbow: the three axis is also a function to control the robot to swing back forth, but the swing arm of the third axis is smaller than the second axis.

 The four-axis is the wrist: the four-axis is used to control the fine adjustment of the up down movement, the rotation range can be up to ±180°.

 The five-axis is the wrist: the five-axis control fine-tunes the left right rotation movements, the movement range of the rotation can be up to ±180°.

 The six axis is the wrist: the six axis is the end joint part, which is responsible for the work of the end fixture, the range of rotation can reach ±360°.

      The following are pictures application examples of each joint axis of Huiwen intelligent six-axis collaborative robot module .