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What do you know about buying selecting industrial robots?


The manipulator, also known as the robotic arm , is a high-tech servo robot developed under the modern industrial development . With its sensitive  changeable operating environment  operating status, it can be used in any environment  at any time. A masterpiece of modern high-tech techniques that allows normal work. However, precisely because of its high-tech  intermittent nature, it has now been determined that most of us are laymen, but operated by specialized technicians. So what do we need to pay attention to when buying  using robots?

   When purchasing manipulator products, the purchase must be guided by specialized technical personnel. This is the meaning of the specialty in the art industry.

Second, there are many types of manipulators, specifically transfer manipulators, dispensing manipulators, spraying manipulators, six-axis manipulators multi-axis manipulators, etc., we have to choose according to their own conditions.

    When using the manipulator, we must first pay attention to the cleanliness of the operating environment  the order of operations. After all, the manipulator is a machine. The program is now set. If it is damaged, it will be lost.

Fourth, we must strengthen the maintenance  repair operations of the manipulator in order to avoid the long-term operation  environmental pollution, which will increase the maintenance cost of the product.

      The above four points are some of the more important aspects that we need to pay attention to when purchasing  using manipulators,  we look forward to helping you;

      At present, in China, the main industrial scales of robots are: automotive, mineral occupations, dispensing spraying, transfer of goods, use of food,  many other products  occupations,  have now demonstrated their outstanding operational efficiency.