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Prospects for the application of collaborative robots


At present, the use of domestic collaborative robot malls is mainly concentrated in occupations such as 3C electronics, cars  their spare parts,  home appliances. In addition to the industrial category, collaborative robots also have great development prospects in the field of commercial services. In the meantime, the two categories of logistics warehousing  medical treatment, which are now more popular, are included.         

Collaborative robot

In the meantime, in the picking process in the logistics warehousing category, one method is the AGV equipped with collaborative robots,  the logistics warehousing mall will be inestimable.

In addition, because the collaborative robot is relatively safe,  the mechanical arm imitates the sensitive characteristics of the human arm, the collaborative robot is very suitable for use in the field of recovery robots  healthcare robots.

In the short term, the industrial category is still the primary shopping mall for collaborative robots, but the competition will become increasingly fierce; in the long run, the service category will become a new blue ocean.

Cooperating robot equipped with AGV to form a compound robot

The combination of collaborative robots  AGV carts makes collaborative robots no longer limited to a certain unit, area  type of work, but to progress into a "free robot" in the production line team, which can  only transfer  schedule between processes, but also According to the production expansion requirements, the robots are deployed to any work station to participate in the production together,  cooperate with the operator in a specific safe area.

The collaborative robot is equipped with various flexible grippers to complete more work tasks

Compared with traditional robots, the most important feature of collaborative robots is their sensitivity. In order to further improve the sensitivity of collaborative robots, more  more flexible fixtures will be used in use,  these end effectors will be more  more The more it becomes the core component used by robots, the collaborative robots can better complete some new functions after being equipped with end effectors.

Under this development trend, domestic  foreign companies are increasingly focusing on the function of collaborative robots to quickly replace fixtures. Robots can fully replace  identify arbitrary tools  grippers. Operators can edit the movement path of the robot through a one-time drag--drop  all the docking jigs  claws, without the need to use a hand-held teaching pendant, to complete the hand-to-hand editing.

Deeply cultivating subdivided industries, creating innovative products is the way of long-term development of enterprises

As a new product type of industrial robots , collaborative robots are still being iteratively upgraded. At the same time, the functions  technical parameters of collaborative robots have  been completely finalized,  they still cannot meet the actual needs of some special use scenarios. Therefore, in the future market competition, intensively subdividing the use of subdivided categories  production links, comprehensively polishing the function of the product  the use of technology, forming a reproducible process package, will be a way for the development of collaborative robot companies.