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Shenzhen Huiwen Intelligent Co., Ltd.

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Address: Building F3, Tianyou Chuangke Industrial Park, No. 2, Lixin Road, Fuhai Street, Baoan District, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China

Service area:

Huiwen Company provides intelligent robot product design, OEM, ODM  related parts sales services to customers. Great attention is paid to the details of various functions, stability  after-sales work of the product. Over the years, it has continued to develop  produce several representative intelligent robot products such as modular joints, magnetic multi-turn high seven-axis cooperative robot arms ,  seven-axis force feedback control handles. It is mainly suitable for robot research  teaching, industrial automation, medical equipment, etc. In the future, we will provide more partners with high-quality  stable intelligent robot products,  more intelligent products will be put on the market one after another.

Main Scope:

1. Robot module joint design, manufacturing  production;

2.Design, production  assembly of lightweightcollaborative robots ;

3. Robot assembly  debugging;

4. Sales of robot core parts  services of the entire industry chain.