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Is the injection molding machine manipulator more advantageous than manual?


With the rapid development of plastic processing industry in China, the degree of automation of injection molding machine manipulators is also getting higher higher. Injection molding machine manipulator is a machine specially equipped for injection molding production automation, which can reduce heavy manual labor, improve working conditions safe production; improve the production efficiency of injection molding machine, stabilize product quality, reduce scrap rate, reduce production cost, enhance The competitiveness of enterprises plays an important role.  Shenzhen Huiwen Intelligent Co., Ltd. is a new type of enterprise specializing in the production, sales service of injection molding machine manipulators injection molding peripheral equipment. Now we introduce the advantages of injection molding machine manipulators compared with manual:

  1. Management

  1. Use the injection molding machine manipulator to take the product, the injection molding machine can be operated unattended, without fear of no one employees asking for leave.

  2. Implement a one-person-one mechanism (including water cuts, peak cuts packing), equipped with conveyor belts, one person can watch 4-5 machines, saving a lot of manpower reducing workers' wages.

  3. People will be tired, the time for the robot to release the product is fixed, without rest, especially the effect of hot days night shifts is more obvious.

  4. It is difficult to recruit high-caliber personnel to operate the injection molding machine. Ordinary biotechnologists are highly technical have a weak sense of responsibility, resulting in difficulties in production management.

  5. When people get along with each other, there will always be contradictions, affecting production. The use of manipulators to reduce pressure reduces labor, there will be no internal conflicts due to too much work pressure, improving internal unity company cohesion.



 2. Security

  1. Due to the continuous improvement strictness of labor laws, there is no longer the risk of accidental injury to employees when using robots.

  2. People are less exposed to the product, to avoid employee burns due to overheating of the product.

  3. There is no need to enter the mold by hand to avoid the hidden safety hazards.

  4. There is mold protection in the manipulator computer. If the product in the mold does fall off, it will automatically alarm prompt, will damage the mold.

  3. Quality

  1. If the molding machine is automatically demolded, the product will be scratched when it is dropped, it will be stained with oil produce defective products.

  2. If a person takes out the product, one hand may scratch the product, the other may be dirty dirty.

  3. Using the conveyor belt of the injection molding machine manipulator, the packaging staff can strictly control the quality wholeheartedly, will be distracted by the product too close to the injection molding machine too hot to affect the work.

  4. The time for personnel to pick up the product is fixed, which will cause the product to shrink change (if the material tube is too hot, it needs to be re-injected to cause waste of raw materials, the price of raw materials is currently rising), the time for the robot to take out is fixed to ensure product quality.

  5. Personnel need to close the safety door before taking the product, which will shorten the life of the molding machine damage it, affecting the production. The use of manipulators can ensure the quality of injection molding extend the life of the molding machine.

  4. Production efficiency

  1. The products can be controlled to ensure the delivery time of customers, maintain the good reputation of the enterprise, improve the competitiveness of the enterprise.

  2. The personnel picking the product is fixed, the slow opening closing of the safety door has a great impact. In addition, people are inert emotional, easy to fatigue at night, lack of energy, plus drinking water, going to the bathroom other matters, the estimated 24-hour production efficiency is only 70%. The manipulator can work continuously.

  3. The investment cost can be recovered quickly, the investment cost can be recovered within half a year for the products made by your company.

  4. Use manipulators to improve the company's image improve the company's competitiveness.

  5. If the product is manually taken out for about 1,000 molds a day, the use of a robotic hand can increase it by about 500 molds, that is, about 1500 molds a day using the robotic hand. If the molding machine in the customer's factory is automatically demolded, sometimes the product needs to be ejected 2-3 times. Prolonged time will affect the production efficiency, the product will fall, causing scratches, oil stains, etc., resulting in defective products.

  6. If the molding machine uses a manipulator as a whole, each molding machine can save 1/3 1/2 labor for quality inspection packaging.

  7. The upstream manufacturers also hope to injection molding manufacturers with injection molding machine manipulators, which can accurately calculate the daily output delivery time. The use of injection molding machine manipulators can enhance the competitiveness of enterprises, but it is also a development trend.



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