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Explain the function of the three-axis servo manipulator?


Is the three-axis servo manipulator reliable?

 Look for digital components at the top, such as computer controllers with servo motors  digital drives. Like any mechanism, parts will fail at certain points, so check the shelf life of the robot.

 The shelf life of different manipulators is different. When evaluating a shelf life, a series of wear items must be considered: belts, bushings, filters, switches, sensors, cylinders, etc. Therefore, the three-year strategy may  necessarily be better than the one-year strategy.

How safe is the three-axis servo manipulator?

 Three-axis servo manipulators fall under the scope of the ANSI B151.27-1994 standard, which governs the manipulators of horizontal injection molding machines  is a substandard of the general industrial standard ANSI/RIA R15.06-1999.

 The safety point of view, there are a lot of things to be paid attention to. They include the constraints on the working space of the manipulator, the installation of mechanical limit devices, the safety protection of vertical descent,  the use of three-position switches. Make sure that the manipulator meets all useful safety standards.



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