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Huiwens full carbon fiber modular seven-axis robotic arm will be unveiled at the 2019 World Robot Congress.


Huiwen solemnly sends you an invitation

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By then, Huiwen Zhizhi

          Will carry a full carbon fiber seven-axis modular cooperative robotic arm ,

              Seven-axis light cooperative robotic arm , customizable encoder ,

                                       some customized robot parts

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Seven-axis modular cooperative robotic arm 

This mechanical arm is made of imported carbon fiber material. The size  interface of the output flange can be designed according to demand. The flange is compatible with ATI six-dimensional force sensor.

Main application areas: 3C, spraying, polishing, assembly, teaching  training, etc.


Seven-axis light cooperative robotic arm

A self-developed, compact  lightweight robot with high repeat positioning  fast running speed can be widely used in industry, service industry  other special industries. Thanks to the use of general programming languages, robots can be more easily combined with artificial intelligence, big data, etc.,  also enable operators to learn to operate robots faster. As a seven-axis robot, it can work more flexibly under various complicated situations.


Encoder (core part of robot)

main feature:

1. Customized design;

2. Competitive price;

3. Nineteen high resolution;

4. Magnetic absolute value  incremental type;

5. Interface protocol: BiSS;

6. Split structure.


Seven degrees of freedom force feedback handle

With the continuous development of virtual reality  robotic force control technology in engineering applications, force feedback handles play an increasingly important role. The force feedback handle is a key component in the process of robot remote operation  human-computer interaction in virtual reality. It is an input device for real-time motion control of the controlled terminal,  a force perception output device reflecting the interaction force of the environment. It can be seen  touched in human-computer interaction.

Main application areas: medical surgical robots, remote operating systems, force feedback control devices, virtual simulation, technical research, etc.


Robot project service

The company has a robot software, hardware design team  an experienced processing  manufacturing team,  is equipped with precision five-axis, four-axis  high-speed CNC machining centers, lathes  other equipment. It has more advantages in the manufacture of carbon fiber parts. Commonly used processes include molding, hot pressing, winding, etc., which can provide one-stop services for lightweight robot products  projects.

More exciting, all at the exhibition site!

Huiwen looks forward to your visit!



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