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Robot development tells you why carbon fiber is an indispensable material for robotic arms?


The robotic arm is an important production  processing component in industrial production. In industrial production, the common robot that we can useis the industrial robot . The robotic arm is one of the important structures for industrial robots to work. With the development of carbon fiber material research, it has gradually become a substitute for other material processing robotic arms. Sowhat are the advantages of the carbon fiber robot arm ?

     Traditional mechanical arms are mostly made of metal materials, such as aluminum alloy  steel. In addition, some automatic detection devices, pipelines, cooling devices, etc. will also be installed on the manipulator. Since the manipulator is a typical cantilever beam structure, its own quality will have a great impact on the manipulator itself, so if you want To achieve the static  dynamic performance while reducing the mass of the manipulator, the weight of the manipulator can be reduced by choosing a suitable structure  choosing a light-density material. With the development of science  technology, carbon fiber materials are becoming more  more popular in civilian use,  can be seen in industries, drones, medical treatment, sports, etc. Carbon fiber mechanical arms are light in weight  high in strength. This feature is very popular in aerospace  military industries.

         The use of metal for industrial robot arms  only makes people feel stupid, but also has poor fatigue resistance. In many cases, due to the technical problems of production, the products produced will also have certain errors. Then the production  processing of carbon fiber materials can be better displayed,  the carbon fiber robot arm is more flexible, the processing is more convenient,  the temperature increase during the application process will  affect the carbon fiber robot arm. The robot arm must  only bear its own weight, but also bear the maximum weight of the gripping workpiece. This requires that the robot arm must  be strained  broken when it is under load.  the perspective of tensile strength, the tensile strength of carbon fiber composite materials is that the tensile strength of aluminum alloy is about 800MPa; in terms of toughness, the toughness of aluminum alloy is relatively low  lacks elasticity. Carbon fiber has the flexibility  processability of textile fibers. , So the toughness is much higher than aluminum alloy,  the carbon fiber material is also less prone to fracture.

       In the domestic industrial robot manufacturing, the application trend of carbon fiber in the robot arm is also more  more obvious. In addition to some large carbon fiber robot arms in the aviation field, carbon fiber materials have also begun to appear on some small  medium robot arms in life. Jiangsu Boshi Carbon Fiber Technology Co., Ltd. has customized carbon fiber manipulators for many enterprises  research institutes, which have been applied to production lines in the fields of electronics  machinery manufacturing. They have all achieved good response  established a long-term cooperation plan. If you also have customized needs for carbon fiber mechanical arms, you can directly contact our technology: