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What is the difference between robot development embedded development?


First of all, in terms of technical architecture, embedded technology involves three major parts: equipment, network platform,  robotics is one of the six directions in the field of artificial intelligence. The content involved includes natural language processing, vision, machine. Learning, automatic reasoning, etc. can be said that the robot is a comprehensive embodiment of artificial intelligence technology, the difficulty is greater than the embedded technology.

    the perspective of current application scenarios, embedded development currently has a wide range of application scenarios, aviation aircraft to entertainment toys, almost all of which have embedded technology, embedded technology has gradually built a huge The industry chain related ecology are relatively mature. With the accelerated development of the Internet of Things, the prospect of embedded development is still very broad. In the future, the functional boundary of embedded development will continue to expand with the development of the Internet of Things.

     Compared with embedded development, the application scenarios of robots are currently mainly concentrated in the industrial production field. In fact, industrial robots also need to use a large number of embedded development technologies. It can also be said that the development of industrial robots is built on an embedded technology architecture. Above.

      the perspective of development prospects, under the impetus of the industrial Internet, robot technology will receive more more attention, more robots will enter the field of industrial production. This is a relatively obvious development trend. On the one hand, the upgrading of the industrial structure will further promote the upgrading of the job structure, more low-value-added jobs will gradually be undertaken by robots. On the other hand, the adoption of robots will also improve the production efficiency of enterprises to a certain extent.

     Compared with robot technology, the embedded development technology system is more mature, the threshold for development application is also lower, embedded development can also gradually transition to the field of robot development , so for beginners, embedded It is a good choice to start learning in development.