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Talking about the research development of the seven-axis simple collaborative robot project!


In order to meet the different demands of the market for the load of the mechanical arm, Huiwen Intelligent Robot has launched a small-load 1.5kg collaborative robot with excellent performance, high product flexibility,  ultra-high cost performance, which is now on the market.

The simple collaborative robot is a seven-axis collaborative robot newly developed  produced by Huiwen . It is assembled by a new RJU series joint module without a shell. It is mainly used for commercial  various life services.

       For the simple cooperative robot assembled by using the new RJU series joint module without shell, it also gives the simple cooperative robot a wider use space. With the characteristics of the RJU series joint module, it can be designed  scratch according to different operating environments. The module shell defines the body,  then assembles a brand new mechanical arm,  even improves the protection level. It is used in an increasingly complex operating environment.

The simple collaborative robot is  only a robotic arm, but also a manipulator that can be upgraded according to the customer's practical needs. It is used in a wider  wider range of operations.

      The team of Shenzhen Huiwen Intelligent Co., Ltd. was established in 2010. It has been committed to the research  design of intelligent robots  peripheral intelligent products, research  development, production  assembly of collaborative robot projects,  sales of core components at home  abroad. It is a comprehensive high-tech enterprise. The company has a professional management  engineering technology team,  the core members are mainly  colleges  universities such as the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing University of Aeronautics  Astronautics, Harbin Institute of Technology, etc. With professional technology  service capabilities, we provide you with intelligent robot product design, OEM , ODM  related parts sales services.

       We have always attached great importance to the details of the functions, stability,  after-sales work of the product. The team has grown stronger  the technical strength has gradually increased. Over the years, we have continuously developed  produced modular joints, magnetic multi-turn high-resolution encoders , Several representative intelligent robot products such as carbon fiber seven-axis cooperative robotic arm , seven-axis force feedback control handle  so on. It is mainly suitable for robot research  teaching, industrial automation, medical equipment, etc. In the future, we will provide more partners with high-quality  stable intelligent robot products,  more intelligent products will be put on the market one after another.

   All colleagues of Huiwen Intelligent sincerely welcome all customers at home  abroad,  work together to help China to move towards "China's digital intelligent manufacturing".

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