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Robot Module

Robot Module

  • Classification:Robot modular joint
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  • Date of issue:2020-06-24
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Product name: Robot modular joint

Robotics articular Introduction: The present invention provides a robotic modular joint comprising a joint disposed within a stator housing of the joint of the robot joint rotor, stator, rotor, hollow shaft,  the joint housing harmonic reducer robot Corresponding joint end cover, wherein: the motor rotor is set on one end of the hollow shaft, the motor stator is located on the outside of the motor rotor; the harmonic reducer is located on the other end of the hollow shaft, including an elliptical cam, a rigid wheel  a flexible wheel. On the shaft, the flexible wheel is set on the elliptical cam, the rigid wheel is arranged outside the flexible wheel,  the external teeth of the flexible wheel are meshed with the internal teeth of the rigid wheel.

The modular robot joint of the utility model adopts an integrated fusion design, which separately fixes the motor stator  the motor rotor directly on the joint, eliminating unnecessary motor housings  front  rear end covers of the original motor module. Parts, reducing the number of parts in the joint, thereby reducing the joint size  weight.


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