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Intelligent force feedback operation handle

Intelligent force feedback operation handle

  • Classification:6-DOF force feedback handle
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  • Date of issue:2020-06-20
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Product name: Intelligent Force Feedback Operating Handle

The six-degree- of-freedom force feedback operating handle  relies on the unique Delta parallel mechanism  series rotation mechanism composite design, making it a highly flexible precision force feedback device, which can realize high-precision joint control of translational rotation. The parallel translation mechanism makes it have higher rigidity  strong output force. The series rotation mechanism provides more rotation space,  the automatic calibration capability provides guarantee for its high positioning accuracy. The mechanical structure is made of high-strength aerospace aluminum alloy by CNC machining,  the key moving parts are all international leading brands. The controller supports a variety of operating system development platforms. The open software platform provides a good secondary development environment. It provides RS232, RS422, USB2.0  other control interfaces for easy connection.

 Robot development

Robot development

Robot development  application areas:

DOF translational force feedback operator handle to provide accurate force feedback  position feedback command output, applications include:

● Medical surgery robot

● Remote operating system

● Force feedback control device

● Virtual simulation

● Technical research

Six-degree-of-freedom force feedback operating handle

Six-degree-of-freedom force feedback operating handle



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